Program 12-22 Arts Friday on Eastside Radio: 150722

Multi-disciplinary Sydney-based artist Julia Gutman, first solo exhibition Muses will be presented at Sullivan + Strumpf at the end of the month. Muses  explores both the mythological figure and person, re-visioning them as an active force in the process of creation. Julia talks about her art practice and the exhibition from her studio. Burn Witch Burn is a Redline and Fervour performance adapted from a classic 1960s horror that explores themes of liberation, independence and power.  It embraces thousands of years of witch iconography and pop culture into a dream like fantasia. Claudia Osborne, Adaptor and Director, speaks to us from the Old Fitz Theatre, a day before the opening. The Other Art Fair returns to host 120 artists at the Cutaway in Barangaroo. Luke Potkin, Fair Director Sydney, talks us through what to expect.

Arts Friday acknowledge the custodians of the Gadigal lands from which the program has been produced and broadcasts from at Eastside Radio.


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Terence Etc. :: In Contemplation of Clair’s Scent VortexBrooklyn New York
Theatre: Burn, Witch, Burn :: Interview: Adaptor and Director Claudia Osborne Redline and Fervour Production – 30 JulyOld Fitz Theatre
toasty :: The Knowledge The KnowledgeBrighton UK
Middle Name Dance Band :: Move into it Movie Into ItMiddle Name Records
Exhibition: Muses :: Interview: Julia Gutman Sulivan + Strumpf, 28 July – 13 August 2-22Artist website: –
Greg Foat :: Above the Clouds
Beth Orton :: Weather Alive Weather Released 23 September 2022
The Other Art Fair: 21 – 24 July :: Interview: Luke Potkin, Director The Other Art Fair The Cutaway,
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Jeanette Baker :: Vacation From My Mind Vacation From My MindForager Records