Talking Through Your Arts – Episode 4

The ethics of the pandemic and the arts. ‘Not young or free’: an online exhibition inspired by the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing at the Boomalli Art Gallery. Wrap yourself around Clothes of Death by Polish photographer Anna Bedynnska. We pay tribute to environmental and social activist Jack Mundey.

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Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Dr Matt Beard, Ethics Centres Fellow was part of a panel discussion last weekend for FODI – the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. The talk was on the Ethics of the Pandemic, the day-to-day dilemmas and crucial lessons, and hidden costs of our choices. The two other panelists were Eleanor Gordon-Smith and Bryan Mukandi. He talks through his thoughts on the arts role in these extraordinary times.

Not young or free at Boomalli
‘Not young or free’ is an on-line exhibition with a theme inspired by the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing. The curator Kyra Kumsing walks us through the exhibition which is available on-line. Arts reporter Chris Virtue with this story.

Not young or free

Clothes of Death
In Poland, the tradition of preparing clothes for death is becoming less followed with most people choosing to continue the tradition are aged 70 and over. Polish photographer Anna Bedynnska has extensive experience as a press photographer documenting social projects. In her latest exhibition, Clothes of Death, she documents the Polish customs of death and burial. Story produced by arts reporter Bronwyn Rennex.

Anna Bedynnska: Clothes of Death

Jack Mundey
The environmental and social justice activist Jack Mundey died at the age of 90 in Sydney this week. Mundey has been widely celebrated for his internationally pioneering role in the green bans movement of the early 1970s. These green bans reflected Mundey’s visionary view that radical movements for social justice should encompass an ecological awareness.

Jo Holder worked with Jack on the Kerrawong project and the Green Bans Art Walk. Holder is the founder of the Cross Arts Projects, and is a well respected Sydney curator and writer working with contemporary artists, scholars and activists, she spoke with me to pay tribute to a great man who provided for many a lifeline to many of Sydney’s residents.