Talking Through Your Arts – Episode 3

How two directors are navigating their festivals online: The Festival of Dangerous Ideas has launched a digital platform and the Head On Photo Festival a major arts festival in a metropolitan city to an online playing and educative digital field. We point you towards The Covid Shutdown Series – an online exhibition of digital artworks by four Sydney-based artists, the second is Chips Mackinolty’s provocative postage stamps of Captain Cook’s arrival.

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The Festival of Dangerous Ideas
The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is going to live stream their panel discussions. FODI will be presented as a series of conversations with expert speakers and commentators held over two days. Festival Director Danielle Harvey, talks about the transition.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Head On Festival
The Head On Festival had this year’s official online launch last Friday night with the announcement of the winners along with the official opening address speeches. We’re now in day six of the Festival, Moshe Rozenveig the Festival Director talks us through its change of course to an online digital platform.

Head On Photo Festival

The Covid Shutdown Series
The Covid Shutdown Series is an online exhibition of digital artworks by four Sydney-based artists: Chips Mackinolty; Toby Zoates; Wendy Murray and Toni Warburton and is curated by gallerist Damian Minton with new artworks going online each week. The show is a transparent breakdown that reflects the cooperative nature and the trust now necessary for a post-covid visual arts industry with its circular energy, where artist, agent and the viewer meet and link arms for a common purpose.

The Covid Shudown Series