Program 63-24 Arts Friday on Eastside

Dr Bronwyn Bancroft’s exhibition The Country Cries Truth opens at the State Library of NSW and we hear from the curator, Cherokee Lord. Born in Mexico, raised in Texas, Natalia Trevino will be sharing her poetry in Embrace Home: four female poets with representations of home at the Stanley Street Gallery, and we preview the event which is presented by Poetry Sydney. Window Dressing is a performance that allows us to indulge the voyer within as eight windows of the Chau Chak Wing Building are illuminated in Haymarket for Vivid Festival, and we hear from the Director, Liesel Baddorek.

Produced and presented by Angela Stretch, from Gadigal country, we acknowledge First Nations peoples as the sovereign custodians of Country, and pay respect to Elders of past, present and to future generations. We acknowledge and value the distinct culture, customs and practices present in the many and diverse tribal nations across NSW. 

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Family Tree by Family Tree (int)

Release: Family Tree

INTERVIEW: Cherokee Lord, Curator, State Library’s Indigenous Engagement Branch by ARTIST: Dr Bronwyn Bancroft (loc)

Release: EXHIBITION: The Country Cries for Truth

Collecttivo Immaginario by Alberoni (int)

Release: Alberoni

PANEL DISCUSSION: Country Cries Truth – Bronwyn Bancroft by 2-3pm Sunday 2 June 2024 (loc)

Release: The Library Auditorium, Lower Ground 1, Macquarie St Building

All Seeds by Don Glori (nat)

Release: Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Discern Define by The Poets of Rhytm (int)

Release: Discern / Define

INTERVIEW: Natalia Trevino, poet – by EVENT: Embrace Home – Four female poets with representations of home, sharing explorations of poetry in two languages (loc)

Release: 3-5pm Saturday 1 June 2024 |

How to Open a Portal by Low Leaf (int)

Release: Red Moon

Flute Punch by JJ Whitefield (int)

Release: Puzzled

The Mystery of Man by Zara Mcfarlane (int)

Release: Sweet Whispers: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan

INTERVIEW: Liesel Baddorek, Creative Director by PERFORMANCE: Window Dressing (loc)


Nothingness by JJ Whitefield & Forced Meditation (int)

Release: The Infinity of Nothingness