Program 51-23 Arts Friday on Eastside

The Sydney Festival opens in the first week of January and the music program was recently finalised. Rosa Cloye-Hayward, Sydney Festival Music Producer guides us through the program and we take sample tracks from the artists being featured. Opera Australia presents Verdi’s classic La Traviata to open its 2024 season at the Joan Sutherland Theatre and we spotlight Luke Gabbedy, who is cast in the role of Giorgio Germont. We provide a nod to the last days of 2023, with Justin Paton, curator of international art at AGNSW, and Louise Bourgeois: Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day?

Produced and presented by Angela Stretch, from GADIGAL country, we acknowledge First Nations peoples as the sovereign custodians of Country, and pay respect to Elders of past, present and to future generations. We acknowledge and value the distinct culture, customs and practices present in the many and diverse tribal nations across NSW. 


The Horse has a Voice by Matthew Herbet (int)
Release: The Horse
Float (ft. Kadhja Bonet) by Harrison (int)
Release: Brids, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees
Young Man by Conic Rose (int)
Release: Babyghists EP1
INTERVIEW: Rosa Cloye Hayward, Music Producer, Sydney Festival by Sydney Festival Music program (loc)
Release: 5 – 28 January 2024
On Your Shoulders by LILJA (int)
Release: Mirage
Sangue Negro by Amaro Freitas (int)
Release: Brazil
Josh Meader Trio by Live performance (loc)
Release: Sydney Festival
Jee Jee by Happy Holidays (int)
Release: Peter Cat Recording Co.
INTERVIEW: Justin Paton, Curator of international art AGNSW by EXHIBITION: Has the Day Invaded the Night or Had the Night Invaded the Day? (loc)
Release: – April 2024
La Jungla by Harold Lopez-Nussa (int)
Release: Havana Culture
Always by Jonah Yano (int)
Release: Portrait of a dog
INTERVIEW: Luke Gabbedy by Opera Australia: La Traviata (loc)
Release: January 2 – March 14 2024
Booty Ft Yokelust by Sophie Forrest (loc)
Release: Don’t Touch My Booty EP
Kangaroo Ground by Tornado Wallace (int)
Release: Berlin