Program 50-23 Arts Friday on Eastside

George Washingmachine is known as a jazz violinist, vocalist and visual artist. He gives us a spinning insiders viewpoint on his exhibition, Within at the Darlington Install Project (DIP). Knocking The Top Off: A People’s History of Alcohol in Australia is an intoxicating journey through Australia’s relationship with alcohol. It features short expositions and deep dives into incidents, eras, groups and individuals. The collection provides an alternative history of Australian society and culture from the bottom up. Alex Ettling, Co-editor, talks us through its contents and serves a curation of Australian music from both editors; Iain McIntyre. The Christmas Gift Salon opens at the Liverpool Street Gallery and we hear from the Director, Kate Alstergren, Gallerist James Erksine, and other artists.

Produced and presented by Angela Stretch, from GADIGAL country, we acknowledge First Nations peoples as the sovereign custodians of Country, and pay respect to Elders of past, present and to future generations. We acknowledge and value the distinct culture, customs and practices present in the many and diverse tribal nations across NSW. 


Desert Loop Bumbling by Dimitri Grimm 
Release: For Beauty’s Source
Free Trial by Gerald Bailey
Release: Migration Climate
Maroochy Barambah – No More Boomarang by A poem written by Oodegeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker)
Interview: George Washingmachine by Exhibition: Within – 070124 
Release: Darlington Install Project [DIP]
Love to Have a Beer with Duncan by Slim Dusty 
Float by HARRISON 
Release: Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees
NY Disco by Bright & Findlay 
Release: Everything is Slow
Interview: Alex Ettling, Co-editor by Book: Knocking The Top Off: A People’s History of Alcohol in Australia 
Release: Australian Voices: A Collection of Poetry and Pictures
Van Diemen’s Land by Robin Jeffrey
Drinking Magaritas At The Mall by Purple Mountains
I Took The L by John Roseboro
Release: Johnny
Step by Step by Eddie Chacon 
Release: Sundown
EXHIBITION: The Christmas Gift Salon – 27 January 2024 by COMMENTARY FROM: Kate Alsetergren, Director; James Erskine, Gallerist and artists Peter Sharpe and Ian Grant
Liverpool Street Gallery
Just A Little lovin’ by Mocky
Release: LA
Morning by Joshua Crumbly
Release: EP
Drunken Noodles by Visions Recordings
Release: London