Arts Friday Cementa22 Contemporary Art Festival Live Broadcast from KRR-FM, Kandos NSW

A special live-to-air broadcast on the opening day of the four-day Contemporary Art Festival, Cementa22 in the regional town of Kandos in the Central Tablelands of NSW, Thursday, 19 May, 4.30pm – 6.00pm, from  KRR-FM, then broadcast on Arts Friday, 20th May 2022.

The program features artist, storyteller, poet and Dabee Wiradjuri man Peter Swain. Carnival Catastrophe, is the Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains project and it engages eight artists in an exhibition that responds to the recent and ongoing environmental cycles of drought, bush fires and flood. Fiona Davies, curator and artist, joins along with two other participating artists, Beata Geyer and Tom Isaacs provide us insight. WeiZen Ho talks on her work, Differently, Possibly is an intimate engagement with local residents exploring attitudes to death and dying. Ivey Wawn makes dance based work for various contexts. She explains her practice that centres on embodiment and on the historic specificity of capitalist social relations, with particular interest in power, control and consent in the organisation of labour. Alex Wisser, Director, Cementa22, talks to the Art Addict, John Feitelson, on securing ownership of the Wayout Space and Gallery.

Sydney-based bands, Cloudbird, Rubbernecker and Syntax Error, who performed on the opening night at the Kandos RSL, curated by Fleur Wiber, are showcased.

The Cementa22 program:
Kandos Radio station:

Arts Friday Cementa22 special is co-produced and co-presented by Angela Stretch and Roger Heap, Director and radio-maker at KRR-FM.

The program is dedicated to the memory of James Varley-Ross.

Arts Friday acknowledges the Wiradjuri people as the Traditional Custodians of Kandos, where the program was broadcast at KRR-FM in the Central Tablelands of NSW.