Program 59-Arts Friday on Eastside

Parramatta-based Filipina–Australian artist Marikit Santiago is the recipient of the 2024 La Prairie Art Award. The acquisitive award was founded in 2022 and supports Australian women artists.  We hear from Marikit at AGNSW, seated in front of her two works displayed as part of the Making Worlds exhibition. Kimberley Hodgson’s latest role as Anita in West Side Story, is a physically challenging dream and we hear from her on what it’s like to perform on the grand stage on the Harbour. Twisted Tales is an exhibition that explores the loss of innocence with adulthood through an unsettling reinvention of childhood figures and their stories.  The artist Lihnida Krstanoska-Blazeska opens her first solo exhibition at gaffa Gallery, and provides insight.

Produced and presented by Angela Stretch, from Gadigal country, we acknowledge First Nations peoples as the sovereign custodians of Country, and pay respect to Elders of past, present and to future generations. We acknowledge and value the distinct culture, customs and practices present in the many and diverse tribal nations across NSW. 

Arts Friday post: Artist: William Yang | 24th Biennale of Sydney

Arts Friday post: Artist: Marikit Santiago named the 2024 La Prairie Art Award


11:38:05 am

Feed the Fire by Audrey Powne (National Release)

Release: From the Fire

11:48:57 am

INTERVIEW: Kimberly Hodgson by PRODUCTION: West Side Story (Local Release)

Release: Handa Opera – 21 April

11:56:58 am

Boogie Down by Roy Ayers (International Release)

Release: Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings

12:07:04 pm

Story Unavailable by Akram Abdulfattah (International Release)

Release: Palestinian-American

12:12:15 pm

Future on You by Shintaro Quintet (International Release)

Release: Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 – 1988

12:39:21 pm

INTERVIEW: Marikit Santiago, Recipient of the 2024 La Prairie Art Award by EXHIBITION: Two-paintings A Seat at the Table (Magulang) and A Seat at the Table (Kapatid) (Local Release)

Release: Making Worlds – 28 July

12:40:59 pm

That’s Not Me – Ft L-Fresh The Lion by Dobby (Local Release)

12:45:06 pm

Traverse by Akagera (International Release)

Release: Traverse

12:45:38 pm

Rising Sun by Romare (International Release)

Release: Here Comes The Night EP

1:01:36 pm

INTERVIEW: Lihnida Krstanoska-Blazeska by EXHIBITION: Twisted Tales (Local Release)

Release: gaffa Gallery – 27 April 2024

1:02:00 pm

Worlds Within by The Golden Shadow (International Release)

Release: Single

1:02:54 pm

The Early Bird Catches by Karate Boogaloo (Local Release)

Release: Hold Your Horses