Program 29 -23 Arts Friday on Eastside

The National 4: Australian Art Now is the fourth iteration of the biennial survey of contemporary Australian art. Collectively it bring together 80 artists, engaging in 48 new artist projects across four major institutions, The AGNSW, MCA, Carriageworks and for the first time, the Campbelltown Arts Centre (CAC). We hear from Melbourne based artist, David Sequeira, on his work Song for Gentleness, a presentation of over 300 songs in a grid along the gallery walls, AGNSW. South Australian artist, Gerry Wedd, talks us through his work, Where are we now? Consists of 600 plus hand-form tiles and vessels that champions the role of ceramics as a too for mass communication, AGNSW. Indonesian-born, Sydney-based artist, Jumaadi’s work, Joli Jolan comprises a series of white paper cutouts assembled on a black painted wall to create a monochromatic reverse-silhouette scene of numerous humanoid figures, CAC.

Produced and presented by Angela Stretch, the program participants acknowledge the custodians of the Gadigal lands from which the program has been produced and broadcasts from at Eastside Radio.


Peter Manheim :: Peace Groove In Time New York – Album released today, 7 April
John Haycock :: Dissolution Dorian Portrait
Rahill :: Fables (feat. Beck) Flower at you Feet
Exhibition: The National 4 :: Interview: David Sequeria
Sven Wunder :: Harmonica And… EP Sweden
Scrimshire :: Unity Gain Paroxysm
A Certain Ratio :: Touch I’d Like to See You Again English post-punk band – Manchester, UK
The National 4 – :: Interview excerpt: Natasha Walsh – AGNSW
Marijus Aleksa :: As They Are As They Are
Organic Pulse Ensemble :: For All The Other Places A Thousand Hands 2 Headed Deer – Spain
The National 4 – :: Interview: Jumaadi
Matthew Herbet :: The Horse England UK